Patio Chic

This year it is going to all be about the outside - and the area to focus on is the terrace - it's time to get patio chic. Now we can socialise in groups of six in our own back spaces, and after the deep dark winter, it is time to turn our attention to our outside entertaining areas. 

The trend today is to bring the indoors out so it easy to inject some style into them if you know how.

Planning your outside space

So to get started, plan the space - work out the seating. If size is an issue and it's dinner a deux the chic patio bistro set is so de rigueur. 

Or if you're just wanting to have a quick lounge around what about a totally funky David Bowie deckchair!


David Bowie Neon Deck Chair


Getting green!

Now you've got the seating right -  bring in the greenery. Gone are the days when you just dot a potted plant around - stick them in an eye catching planter - a flash of gold or traditional stone.

Antiqued gold planter


Tableware and accessories

When styling your tableware, there's plenty of scope to be different.

Beautiful plates, creative vases with matching wine glasses... quirky containers and why not impress with a quirky octopus bottle holder?


Octopus Bottle Holder


Sensory Haven

Make your space a sensory haven - scented candles, incense, all to bring some ambience. 

Collage of candles and incense  

Get creative.

Oversized gnomes are the latest to bring a pop of colour and are good for laugh.

Giant pink Gnome

For the more classic - how about a stone Madonna to bring a a bit of peace and harmony? 

Madonna statue

Now the fun bit - spruce up the walls with some stunning art work - bring the indoors out.

Mount a lions head, some fabulous realistic beetles, or even a coat of arms!

Wall sconces collage


This is the year where you can really appreciate time with friends and family again in your own homes after all the deprivation. 



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