Our Worthing Shop is now open and we also offer Click and Collect. We appreciate your continued support xxx
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      Hello and welcome to Emporium Worthing.

      I started EW in early 2020 a mere 3 weeks before anyone had even heard of Covid. After moving to Worthing almost 6 years ago and with a lifetime career as a Producer in the TV Entertainment Industry in London it was my dream to move to the seaside and open a little shop and after a few years commuting back to London daily it was time to finally take the plunge.

      Starting EW a mere 3 weeks before anyone had even heard the word Covid and my dream was born. Although I am still working full time on TV productions the Covid world has allowed my shop to also become my office so it’s the dream scenario for me.

      I have always had an absolute passion at home for Eclectic Homeware, art and furnishings as well as fashion and skincare and I work tirelessly to ensure I find and stock the quirkest and fun homewares and gifts in the UK .

      In this world of fast fashion and the transition we are all working towards shopping more sustainably I wanted to offer good quality preloved clothing and accessories to help reduce the environmental impact of your wardrobe, one of the great perks of this is that its likely you will find yourself a one of a kind piece.


      With love